How To Please A Woman

How To Become A Master Of Making Her Come, Just In One Hour.

Is This Really That Easy To Make A Woman Come and Scream In Pleasure?

Do You Want To Have MORE SEX And Be Desired By Women?


Let’s face the truth – being not able to make her come hurts.

Every time you can’t satisfy her you feel week, not confident, not real man and you may be afraid that she can leave.

There has been made a research which showed that only 25% of women reach an orgasm during traditional (vaginal) intercourse and 40% don’t enjoy it at all.

I know the story have happened lately: There was a young couple who got married. They were born in good and “quiet”, religious families. Once she went with her friend (girl) for holidays. After they  had come back she decided to divorce. Everybody was surprised and then her mother asked her “Why?”. She answered that she hadn’t realized that an orgasm was such a huge experience (which she experienced with a some Italian guy) and she couldn’t live without it anymore.

Another story is that when I was a kid, a young man from my family killed himself after his fiancé left him.


It doesn’t have to be like that!

My name is Dr. Lukas Kubow and during over 12 years I’ve spent a lot of time discovering, learning and creating the techniques that can make a guy like you a master of bed revolutions. What I want to teach you is…

…A SECRET Way To Make Her Come To The Top Of Pleasure In Almost 100% Of Cases…


Let’s take a look at facts:

A clitoris (aka clits) has 8000 nerve endings, that is two times more than in case of a too much bigger penis. That makes a clitoris the most sensitive part of a human (woman’s)body.

* 81% of women reaches orgasm from receiving oral sex

   * 88% of married women prefer cunnilingus as their main sex act

Yes – “going down” on a woman is scientifically, statistically and empirically proved the best way to give her an orgasm.

Here are some women’s statements about cunnilingus:

“I think that cunnilingus is the most pleasurable part of sex”

“I love it, I cannot imagine sex without it, for me it could last forever”

I suppose you realize the power you have when you know how to make her come.

But the is a problem:

Most men do it WRONG!!!

Most women will tell  you that it was great, even if it was bad. That’s why most of men think that they are great lovers (they’re so wrong) and don’t improve their knowledge and skills.

This is not just about licking. This is a complex and precision operation.

It’s definitely good to know what to do with the most sensitive part of woman’s body or you can show her cunnilingus as nothing nice and lose a chance to prove your capability of making her body shaking in pleasure.

  •     Do you know all 10 elements (I’m counting here very important smaller components) of women’s “down there” and how to caress every each of them?
  •     Do you know the time and order of stimulation each of them?
  •     Do you know the combination of techniques that provides her a double orgasm?  (Yes – it’s possible and women love that). 

Significant area proper touch and proper licks, using not only a tong in the right       

      * Place

      * Order

      * and for the right amount of Time

 And you can learn it!

“I’m the first man who gave her orgasm”
She has never had an orgasm with me and previous partners as well until last Saturday, when I took your advices and used them on her. I’m the first man who gave her orgasm. It feels so great! Thank you!    K.C., Los Angeles
“she was screaming in pleasure – I didn’t know her from this side, although we’ve been marriage for 22 years”
Thank you for this great book “The Art Of Oral Ecstasy” – great job. Despite pills my erection problems made me not capable to provide my wife an orgasm. My sexual self esteem started going down. I’ve tried the oral sex before, but Cindy didn’t like it. After reading your guide and realizing some of my fatal mistakes, I asked her for another chance. She said “OK”. I prepared things, like you wrote in the book and when it really started I couldn’t believe it was real - she was screaming in pleasure – I didn’t know her from this side, although we’ve been marriage for 22 years. It feels so good to have the confidence back. I don’t know how to thank you.     Martin K.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you

 “The Art Of Oral Ecstasy

How To Take Her To The Top Of Pleasure Even Today”



Using my step-by-step guide you can provide a very powerful orgasm  she’s never had, in an hour or less… starting now!

Honestly it doesn’t matter if you are single, married, virgin, somebody’s boyfriend or just a guy who are starting relations with a woman. The content of “The Art Of Oral Ecstasy” is so valuable, that I’m sure that thank to that you will provide her (and you) huge pleasure she will remember forever.

“My girlfriend started making these “good” noises”
Frankly I thought that I wouldn’t learn much from this publication. I read it on my way home and yesterday I tried some of your advice. My girlfriend started making these “good” noises I’ve heard only in movies. She has never complained but in the morning she paid me back in a very special way – I felt like VIP.      Paul 

women orgasming

“Our relation got way much better. This is amazing”
We’ve been a couple for a long time and lately things started turning bad. I even thought it was over. I’m sceptical about this type of e-books but I read it and used your methods, thinking may be our problems come from “bedroom”. Suddenly our  relation got way much better. This is amazing, that way she’s looking at me.      Chris
“she’s so happy now”
Last night I used tricks from your book and my fiancé asked me to tell you that she’s happy now. Jonathan K.
“100% of satisfaction Bill, London 

Here is a sample of what  the book contains: 

 You will learn:

  •    How to convince her to cunnilingus and make her want it (and you) more and more
  •     One thing you should prepare before your performance – forget about this and forget about her orgasm
  •     Ways to have her always nice and fresh after a shower
  •     Little known techniques to help her reach the top of pleasure. She may scream and squeeze or even tear sheets, so be ready for this
  •     A big MISTAKE men make near orgasm and because of that women are usually disappointed and frustrated. You want to avoid it.
  •      How to provide her double orgasm in the same time. Did you know it’s been possible?
  •     What to do if stimulation of clitoris in PAINFUL.
  •      One safety matter which most of men and women don’t realize. You can NEVER  do it or things may turn bad.
  •     Clitoris is a center but it’s not the key. Step-by-step guide “what, where, when”.
  •     How to convince her to shave or trim her pubic hair
  •     Sometimes women are not in a sexual mood because of stress etc., so you will learn various ways to get her into this mood.
  •     Complete safety guide – you need to know that if you plan to have any kind of sex


how to give orgasm

  •     What a dinner with candles has to do with orgasm. (No, it has nothing to do with aphrodisiacs).
  •     Secret erogenous zones which you have to stimulate to give her an explosion of pleasure, including my very personal secret zone, you can’t read about anywhere else
  •     One anti-erogenous zone – if you lick it you may lose her for longer
  •     The most unique anatomy lesson you have never had – there are many different components and they have to be treated in a proper way. (Pictures included.)
  •    My secret ways to increase her sensations. I invented them so you can read about them only in my book (women are surprised and purr)
  •     Techniques of using fingers. It’s easy to blow the mood so find out what is it about.
  •     Kinds of toys you can use with cunnilingus  – spice up your relationship
  •     Positions to perform cunnilingus, which can make every performance unique – the variety is very important in sex
  •     Specific questions you may ask to find out what and when she likes 
  •     Complete guide on her body – you can use these information in many different situations: during seduction, foreplay and sex
  •     Much much more…  

So Why You Should Read This Book?


  –     Because it contains techniques and methods, which you cannot read about anywhere else. I developed them basing on many years of experience during relations with many women.

  –     I’m a doctor, which let me approach the subject also from a strict medical side.

  –     Women are passion and well known is the fact that if you do something with passion, you’re good at it. It’s confirmed by women’s statements and questions like “How do you know how to touch a woman?” or “I think about you and about the way you were touching me”, saying with the smile that every man wants to see – I think you know what I mean.  

how to please a woman

Man who can touch in a proper way and knows how to give an orgasm to women and perform cunnilingus, is an every woman’s dream.

Do you want to be that dream?

Do you want to be a real man?

I’m giving you 30 Days Warranty of Satisfaction.

If you are not happy with the book for any reason you will have your money back and you will keep the product anyway. You won’t have to prove or explain anything.

Relax, read my guide and test it. If it doesn’t work – write me an e-mail and I will return your money without a word and hidden fees. You will get EVERYTHING back.

how to make a woman come

You have a whole month to check these methods and their force. If in this time you decide that my product is “not really for you”, all you will need to do is writing me an e-mail and you will have all your money back without any explanation.

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